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Welcome to Immune-Recovery!


We are not only healthcare professionals, we both also have autoimmune diseases that we have managed with our nutrition and lifestyle interventions.

We are proud of the programs and community that we have created to help bring hope for autoimmune healing to the world. We are trying to show people who may be frustrated with the lack of help and overwhelming expense associated with traditional care for autoimmunity - that there is hope for immune-recovery. Our coaches are united in a shared vision of hope and healing for all people with all manner of autoimmune disease.


Our Story

-Thriving Together-

Autoimmune Recovery Programs & Courses!

Your body believes what you think, your thought becomes action, action becomes
behavior so keep your Positive attitude alive!

Intermittent Fasting Course

Fasting is extremely helpful to boost the immune system, especially for autoimmune disorders. dshfsdkjfhjkfhdsjhsddskj

Gluten Free Mediterranean Course

The anti-inflammatory Mediterranean Diet improves the quality of life of those who live with autoimmune disorders.

12 Wk Immune Recovery Program

Our signature curated program is a comprehensive autoimmune healing approach. jhejjehejieuerhhuhihs



Monica Back-Doherty 

"Have faith in yourself, you can do this. Show up, use all the resources you are given. "

Karin Duval 

"Immune-recovery program gave me the support and the knowledge I needed to change my eating for better health"

Dr. Iris Crawford 

"The thing I loved most were the endless resources and well as an amazing community..."